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For counselling and support or other church enquiries contact Robin Palmer.

We understand that this is a stressful time, and encourage you to keep connected with friends and family on line or on the phone. Prayer requests can be sent to office for the church prayer groups to pray for you.

We will continue to pray that all in our community will cope with this new way of life, and be able to find new ways of being a faith community. We can do this!

Every blessing,


We're glad you're here! We hope you will find all you need to know about Browns Bay Presbyterian.
      With Gods help we can get through this.

We are a community church comprised of people of all ages and various cultures. Our desire is to help people find and follow Jesus. This means we are discovering what it means to love God, love one another and love the community around about us.

As you can see we are still active doing what we can for the community. You'll find more information about us from the links on the menu on the left.

From the Pastor’s pen:

17 October 2021

Welcome to BBP Family Church’s weekly newsletter.
Prayer isavailable daily through the prayer chain and email list. Our Sunday morning services here are also on Zoom and YouTube live at this link.

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ACM Notice - We meet next Sunday 24 October after worship on Zoom.
We have decided to have our ACM on Zoom next Sunday 24 October. Any apologies to Sean please: Sean.Cloete@bjball.co.nz. The annual report has been circulated by email. Printed copies at the church for those with a key.

Lindy-Ann Du Toit is finishing up next week at BBP.
Lindy has worked as my assistant for nearly seven and a half years. She finishes next week and due to this delayed lockdown we will not be able to have our planned farewell tea. I would like to alert you to this and thank her for her excellent support through all these years. I have expressed my thoughts in more detail in my ACM report which will be tabled on Sunday.

Mental Health and the paralysis of some conditions.
Last week we talked about these suggestions to foster good mental health:

  1. Sleep and relaxation
  2. Exercise
  3. Eating and drinking in moderation
  4. Keeping calm during family gatherings
  5. Doing good.

Lockdown made a dent in #2 for me, but the good news is that I’ve started my morning walks again. It helps that it’s a bit warmer. Have a look:

Browns Bay Beach    15 October

Staying calm (#4) is not always easy. And often we battle to sleep as our minds become a whirl pool of questions that don’t seem to have an answer and concerns that never end. We hear Jesus saying “peace” to us, and Paul writing “don’t be anxious”, but it still can be tough. The burden we carry can seem overwhelming. Despite that, there is always a way forward and across things that seem like obstacles on our journey.

Todays Photo Have a look in today’s photo at what emerges when the tide goes out.

In the mornings while walking I don’t always see everything in the rich kaleido- scope of shapes in the sand and along the shore. The light also varies as the minutes pass each day. Sometimes the clouds create beauty rather than block out the warmth of the sun. This morning there was evidence of some serious planning in the fishing trip ahead as you can see. There is intentionality in anything that is worth doing.

It takes some courage to recognise that we need some support or counselling. Even in the clouded views we may have of our situation, the love of God still shines in our lives. Hope always peeps through even in the worst tragedies and disappointments.

Some things are really to hard to talk about. One option is keeping a journal. Writing about our challenges can be a good way to sort things out in our thinking. We often hear people say they are trying to “get their head around” something. It helps to put your thoughts down on paper. Looking back in your journal, you may discover that some things actually are getting better. Or your attitude may change and the situation doesn’t seem impossible any more.

An old friend and colleague who is a Presbyterian Minister and Family Therapist in the US has been a source of great encouragement over the years. He has published a daily column in “The Natal Mercury” (the morning paper where we grew up, now called “The Mercury”) for some twenty years which is a huge commitment! (Here I do one a week and it takes a while).

He wrote about friendships this week and I have received his permission to reproduce the article here. It’s extremely challenging in its recommendations or proposals, but we need friends more than anything as we travel on this interesting journey of life. A journal is one thing. But a good friend is also a great help. Here we go:

Will you be my friend? (By Rod Smith).

I am aware people don’t usually analyse their friendships as I’ve described below but we’d have healthier families and communities if we did!

- Will you search with me when I am searching, stand with me when I am standing, and drop to your knees with me in prayer if and when I need it? I will try to do the same for you.

- Will you stand up to me with firmness and kindness when my many blind spots are blocking my thinking? I will try to do the same for you.

- Will you join me and review our connection (as casual acquaintances, colleagues, neighbours, partners, or spouses) that we remain mutual, equal, respectful no matter the degree or significance of our connection?

- Will you take time to listen to me? I will try to take time to listen to you.

- Will you allow my quirks, my eccentricities and attempt to regard them as interesting rather than try to change me? I will try to offer you the same freedom.

- Will you seek my highest good as far as you are able given the knowledge we have about each other? I will try to do the same for you.

- Will you try to be as unafraid of me as I try to be unafraid of you?

Food for thought indeed. Can we do this? Are we bold enough?

To return to our list, #5 is doing good. When you are depressed and can’t get through the gloom, it takes boldness to get out and help someone else. For me visiting a friend in hospital this week did it. I discovered that I could be his designated visitor even in this pandemic. Even though the ward seemed chaotic - so many patients and so many needs - there was an order and each person in the medical team was doing their bit to care and to aid healing.

Looking beyond ourselves really does help us through our struggles. Research indicates that being a volunteer is a massive antidote to low mood. It gives us social connection, perspective, changes our thinking (which ultimately changes behaviour and feelings) and self esteem improves. Try it!
Peace. And blessings,



14 October 2021

Kia ora and warm greetings

This week we have a massive push for vaccination with the Government initiative:

Super Saturday: Get vaccinated | Unite against COVID-19

Where does the PCANZ stand on this? While we have no official policy the biblical text has plenty that can help us in our decision making.

Firstly, there is the central tenet of love for neighbour. In this case, our thinking needs to be very focused on what will help keep our neighbours safe.

Secondly, there is the biblical call to respect those who govern us. In this case political parties from a variety of sides of the political spectrum are united around the need for as many as possible to get vaccinated. And they are strongly supported by the vast majority of people working in the medical and scientific sectors.

I urge you to consider these 2 elements of biblical faith very carefully in your decision making.

I have made my choice - for the sake of my neighbours (children, grandchildren, parishioners, golf club members, people I pass in the supermarket, people with underlying conditions or who need hospital beds for non-COVID related issues) I have taken seriously the advice of political leadership and I got vaccinated as soon as I could!

There is another biblical tenant that is so important at this time – the call to pray for our nation. I know that has been ongoing in the churches during this COVID season but it would be great for that to become a very concerted effort this week – a SUPER SUNDAY – Let’s Pray

I have also found the lastest statement of The Inter Church Bioethics Council helpful and have attached that for your consideration.

Hamish Galloway
Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ

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