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Combined Ministry Roster August 2018

05 August 12 August 14 August 19 August 26 August
18th Sunday in Ordinary Time 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Tuesday Church 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
Aria Bay Great hymns of the faith Communion AGM after service
Sean Cloete
Mike Harris
Elder Mark Hulm Iona Alcock Jessie Williams Heather Dawson Sean Cloete
Preacher Robin Palmer Robin Palmer Robin Palmer Robin Palmer Robin Palmer
Call to Worship Robin Palmer Robin Palmer Robin Palmer Robin Palmer
Song Leader Dave Sheppard Robin Palmer Richard Williamson Dave Sheppard
Opening Prayer Dave Sheppard Rodney Ramsay Richard Williamson Dave Sheppard
Piano Alex Rodgers Robin Palmer Robin Palmer Willie Jacobs Willie Jacobs
Organ/Keyboard Alex Rodgers Willie Jacobs
Guitars Dave,Richard Dave/Richard, Robert Richard, Robert, Amy Dave, Robert
Prayers of Intercession Mark Hulm Iona Alcock Jessie Williams Ian Rankin Sean Cloete
Readers Helen Reid Ian Rankin Miriam Jacobs Mike Harris Carol Duske
AV Lynnette Cooze Estelle Seaman Lindy-Ann du Toit Charmaine Ashburner Helen Bennett
Sound Robert Cooze Dennis Kinnear Andrew Barrable Bruce Duske
Communion Iona Alcock
Greeting & Welcome Jeanna Sheppard Lynn Harris Tuesday Volunteers Helen Reid Miriam Jacobs
Roz Williamson Heather Dawson Denise de Groot Charmaine Ashburner
Morning Tea* Pauleen & Don Postins Margaret Read Tuesday Team Hannah Lee Ruth & Doug Astley
Miriam Jacobs Andrew Barrable Paul Choi
Lynnette Cooze Janet Lam
Flowers Robyn Lees Iona Alcock Rebecca Naisali Jenny Whisken

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recoded November 2013