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News and Updates October 2015

Golden Jubilee Weekend 23rd October - 25 October 2015 Programme:

From Sunday 19th July Time Capsule Service 10.00am

Celtic Cross 2005 Recorded by Pauleen Burfoot-postins

Peter Maxwell's excellent desgin for the new family centre had been council approved & foundations were being laid. When I was invited to join the planning committee. One of my roles to landscape the frontage (within a special budget) I had a vision of -

  1. A raised garden retained with medium sized rocks.
  2. Topped by tall steel Celtic Cross
  3. A flood light set into the ground with an automatic timer programmed to switch on at dusk and off at 11 pm.
  4. An L shaped seat with a paved area.

Detailed drawings & specificifications were presented to the planning committee - no comment just a reminder of my budget limit. Armed with the dtailed drawings & specifications for the cross, I approuched several enginerring companies for Quotes. The Varied! I took them to aknowlwedgeable friend (an ex member of St Cuthberts) to advise me as to whether they wer fair quotes - or should I try bargaining with them. "Leave it with me " he replied Soon afterwards I recieved a phone call to tell me that he would get the corss built and installed with no cost to the church!! Praise be to God.

However a 1.5 cubic metre hole had to be dug to contain reinforcing stell and 1.5 cubic metre concrete in which to anchor the cross. Over several days my husband (Don) and I dug the hole - actucally spent my 70th birthday in it. We alsdo toiled with the tantalizing aroma of bacon cooking - the men were having their monthly men's breakfast!\Our friend on true to his word, installed the network of reinforcing stell in out hole - plus the steel plate to which the cross would be bolted.

Next the 1.5 cubic metres of concrete was poured & left to cure.

The engineers had completed the cross. We and our donor waited expectantly that glorious march day for the delivery. I pointeded to 3 orange cones reserving street to site acess for the two large trucks. "Ah those" - he smiled mischievously - "I had to negotiate road works on my way to work early this morning - I just "burrowed " them for the day! The cross arrived - plus a crane to stand it up and hold it steady while the bolts were secured. Eureka! A call - to - worship icon capable of withstanding a tsunami!
The final step was to weather -proof the steel. Don spent several days up a ladder applying !
coat of etch primer
3 coats of Colour
3 coats of polyurethane

The donor of St Cuthberts celtic cross wished to remain anonyomous, but I have after 10 years , obtained his permission to divulge his identity. We can at last thank God for Win and Elizabeth Davies & their wonderful give to parshioners of St Cuthberts Church.

Mean while I had Contacted a landscaper whom I had worked with on my Long Bay Drive property in the mid eighties. He built the raised garden retaining it with sizable rocks, laid the pavers. & built the bench seat. His friend laid the moulded concrete edging. The flood light was installed the day before the official opening of the family centre. Don and I bought & planted plants - as well as installing the watering system. a list of plants and their prices was posted in the churhc inviting parishioners to choose and buy a plant. Every plant was paid for.

Looking Back at the way this project evolved, I now know that my vision, was not my vision at all. All credit must go to God

Pauleem Burfoot Postins.

News and Updates April 2015

On the Saturday 16th May there will be a Coffee Morning. 10.30am -12 Noon All Welcome

GOLDEN JUBILEE planned Events

Sunday 19th July Time Capsule Service 10.00am. Luncheon to follow the service.

Golden Jubilee Weekend 23rd October - 25 October 2015 Proposed Programme:

All times to be confirmed.

From Channel Magazine: Issuu 49 November 2014

Browns Bay Presbyterian Church Golden Jubilee in 2015

For almost 50 years St Cuthbert's (BBP - Browns Bay Presbyterian, in Anzac Road) has been a spiritual home for members and friends in the communities of Torbay and Browns Bay.

In July 2015 a celebration service commencing the Golden Jubilee will take place, and a time-capsule will be buried commemorating the occasion. The organisers are open to suggestions as to what people would like to add to the capsule.

The Jubilee celebration recognizing these years is to be held on Labour Day Weekend (23-25 October 2015). A variety of events is planned for all ages over the weekend and everyone is warmly invited to join in.

If you or your family have been a part of this local church during these decades, please could you reconnect by letting the organisers know at BBP. The pastor at BBP, Rev Robin Palmer, would love to hear from you. Please email him at or call the church office and leave your details (09 478 2441). (For more details go to

The organisers at BBP are hoping to have as many as possible with connections to this church to join them as they give thanks to God for His graciousness and guidance over the past 50 years. Displays will highlight events and activities of the various groups at BBP over this period. In the meantime you are welcome to join in at Christmas at any of these services:

5 December 6.00pm - Messy Christmas in the Family Centre (an interactive family time sharing food and creativity).
20 December @ 7.30pm - Carol by candlelight service
24 December @ 6.00pm - Pajama service in the family centre (for kids and their friends and families).
24 December @ 11.30pm - Christmas Eve Communion Service
25 December @ 9.30am - Christmas Day Family Service

Browns Bay Presbyterian Church - 45 Anzac Rd, Browns Bay.
By Channel Magazine
and with permission from

Channel Magazine: Issuu 49 November 2014


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